Home, Sweet Home

We’re here! A lovely sail up into the river brought us that much closer to our new home port.

Leaving early Thursday, September 18, we motor-sailed to the mouth of Orwell River. Carefully heading towards the waypoints Max had plotted to avoid the numerous sandbars and wind farms,

IMG 0945

we arrived at Felixstowe.

IMG 0951
IMG 0950

A huge shipping port, we sailed slowly past lumbering cranes lading containers onto patient ships. We thought of our shipping friends Rod Jones and Steve Palmer who could probably tell us all the logistics required for loading these ships.

IMG 0954
IMG 0956
IMG 0988
IMG 0990

Other sailboats were enjoying the gentle breeze on a warm September afternoon before heading to their evening anchorage.

Having planned to get to Ipswich at the head of the river, we were so taken with the idyllic scenes along the water we decided to stop for the night.

Able to easily find a spare mooring, we spent late afternoon and night absorbing the tranquility and beauty of the English countryside.

IMG 1007
IMG 1008
IMG 1016
IMG 1017

The next morning we slipped off the mooring heading for our last stretch of boating in 2014.

IMG 1010

Both of us smiling knowing we had almost completed our goal of reaching our home berth after leaving Orr’s Island June 6.

IMG 1012

We passed ships, or, rather, they passed us,

IMG 0998
IMG 0999

and, we waved to those docked along the shore.

IMG 1026
IMG 1027

After crossing under the bridge,

IMG 1024

we called to alert the Ipswich Lock Keeper we were headed his way. A welcoming voice responded telling us to tie up starboard to when the lock opened.

IMG 1032
IMG 1035

We later found out the friendly voice belonged to Clive. We also discovered from some new friends Clive use to play music appropriate to the situation… Unfortuantley, someone complained about the music, so his bosses told him to stop or be let go. Now, he welcomes and releases boaters with a gentle ‘off you go’, which we can hear from our berth.

And, now, we’re home!

The folk are wonderful, starting with the marina management, Linda, Chris, and Natashia, as well as the boatbuilders we see when walking to/from town.

Fellow live-aboards, cruisers, and local boaters are welcoming and informative. No sooner had we berthed that at least three different people came up to welcome us.

Julie and Rick, Leslie (from Virginia Beach originally!) and Adrian, Anne and Peter, Janet and Richard as well as those we haven’t formally met but with whom we’ve smiled and good-morning’ed, well, we feel as if the community has given us a huge hug.

And, how can one not appreciate waking up and finding these lovelies beside your boat?

IMG 1041

Ipswich, we’re delighted to be here :)

10 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Marcia August

    Every entry fills me with a sense of wonder and romance. Blessings on the two of you. Enjoy your “home” and every little nuance it offers. After reading your storm diary, I have stopped whining over my nonstop Boston to Tokyo flight…you gave me perspective and courage…thank you.

    We are enjoying a mild and dry September in midcoast Maine. Stephen and I narrated a kayak trip down the Eastern River for Maine Maritime Museum…complete with a dozen eagles, several sturgeon and a blue heron spirit guide who took us down river, waited while we crossed to Swan Island for lunch and escorted back to our put-in at the rte. 197 bridge in Dresden. A beautiful day with lovely people.

    We leave on the 16th. Will be in touch via email.


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