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Polish Port of Call


Friday-Sunday, April 27-29, 2018

We’d heard this port city offered another lively old town center to stroll in as well as two informative museums to tour, and we did them all in our two-night stay.

Once again we had booked an apartment in a spanking new condo complex. It was so new most of the units remained unsold, which made for a rather ghostly atmosphere until we exited and turned the corner where some cafes had opened.

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No Heathens Need Apply


Friday, April 27, 2018

More online searching for interesting spots resulted in another must-see site–Malbork Castle.

But, first we had to exit Warsaw, which gave us the interesting adventure of mistaking a bike path for a car road. After a carefully negotiated u-turn and red faces we ever-so-slowly made our way back up the said bike path.

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Road Trip!

To Poland

Friday-Sunday, April 20-22

Leaving Laboe, Germany we headed towards Straslund, one of the Hanseatic cities on Germany’s northeast coast. The shortest path to this port city involved a triangular route, which took us to an anchorage outside the main harbor of Helgenhafen, Germany, then north to Gedsner, Denmark, and back south.

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