When we decided to get married in 2000 we were on a plane heading south to visit family. By the time we landed we held a ripped-out page from the in-flight magazine with a scribbled list of future travel destinations.

Less than a year later we’d quit our jobs, rented our home, provisioned our sailboat, and left Maine to begin a three-year voyage. Belize-to-Turkey served as our planned, west-to-east destinations with other ports of call tossed in along the way.

Returning 2004 we rejoined the working world only to plan a second JUANONA voyage upon retirement. Which we did in 2014.

This site composed of over 200 posts provides a sea-chart and road-map of our travels these past five years. So, if you’d like to explore along with us, please feel free to do some armchair roaming. We welcome any and all who share our enthusiasm for getting to know a little bit about the world we share.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dave Shove

    Hi All – this stuff is wonderful to see and read…..even though I’m as Jealous as can be….

    Dave Shove


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