Yahoo! Whoopieee!! YEA!!!!

Those are MY shouts of celebratory glee as we made our LAST overnight passage for awhile :)

This morning, Saturday, August 23, we arrived at Weymouth, our next port of call.

It was another washing-machine sail due to the strong currents that flood around the southern coast of England; but, that’s what those patches are for :)

We managed to get here early, which means we had to hold off entering the harbor until we got better light.

And, we did :)

IMG 3495
IMG 3497

Thanks to my captain he got me, crew, and JUANONA across the Atlantic, and all with a smile and an I’ll-bear-it grin for any of my moans and groans.

So, here’s to everyone who supported us, including our fantastic crew and land sherpas, thank you all for making this Atlantic crossing something wonderfully memorable.

And, here’s to daytime sailing… :)

4 thoughts on “Yahoo! Whoopieee!! YEA!!!!

    1. margaretlynnie Post author

      We’re on the move up the SW coast, just back from visiting some possible marinas in Ipsiwch (up the SE coast a bit) and London, and leaving Saturday to continue sailing the coast. xox


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