July 29 (Swimming, you say, in a warm yellow pool?): PART ONE

At least that’s what Tricia and David had told us was heavenly, and now Martin was echoing their sentiment.

Hmmm…. a warm yellow pool to swim in. Sounds, well, intriguing. We had tried to locate it a few days earlier only to get dizzy driving round and round and round on tiny streets.

With a new determination off we set on a Tuesday (July 29th) to test their delight in lolling around in the hot springs located in Furnas, a village renown for its thermal therapeutic waters.

This lovely town nestled amidst boiling, plopping mud and sulphorous and iron springs actually became a popular destination thanks to an American in 1770, Thomas Hickling.

IMG 2405

As the US counsel and a successful orange merchant (a major export until the late 1800s), he built his ‘Yankee Hall’ right above a thermal spring.

In addition to the springs, he also began his garden, Terra Nostra, later expanded twice by two successive owners: Visconde da Praia upon purchasing the land in 1848 and then again in the late 1930s by Vasco Bensaude. Featuring exotic as well as endemic plants, Terra Nostra had become a major tourist attraction. No wonder. It is quite magnificent, and that’s from a non-gardener’s point of view.

Before we partook of the yellow pool, which by now I had termed the warm, piss-yellow pool, we strolled through the grounds. And, I began snapping photos.

First, the gardener’s house (labeled on the brochure).

IMG 2350

Followed by a bat house,

IMG 2351

the cycadales garden,

IMG 2357

one of the camellia gardens,

IMG 2359

some red, spiky blossom,

IMG 2361

a chicken-bird,

IMG 2368

white agapanthus (I looked that one up) versus all the blue lavender ones bordering the roads,

IMG 2372

a calla lily for our friend Calhoun,

IMG 2376

water lilies,

IMG 2379

a startling pinkish leaved plant,

IMG 2387

a human,

IMG 2388

more water lilies, only a different color,

IMG 2393

even more water lilies, only this time no flowers,

IMG 2440

a topiary garden,

IMG 2400

and, ducks (these, I recognized).

IMG 2410
IMG 2411

Now, it was time for our dip. So, we changed in the (clean) changing rooms, I, mistakenly in the mens, and headed for the warm yellow pool (oh boy).

IMG 2348

It wasn’t sulphorous but iron-filled, AND, it WAS just as all had described it: heavenly.

IMG 2419

especially where Max stood under one of the two pulverizing spouts of really hot water.

IMG 2421IMG 2425IMG 2426

and later floated on his back against the wall.

IMG 2432

We weren’t the only ones enjoying these relaxing waters.

One of my favorites was this little girl who kept jumping into her mother’s arms only to repeat her aquatic feat over and over

IMG 2435
IMG 2438

with no diminishment of joy.

So, if you’re in the area and are looking for some heaven-sent R&R, there’s always the warm yellow pool in Furna :)

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