A Sunday Drive

On July 27, after seeing our friend Joseph off with his recently arrived crew,

IMG 2291

we decided to do a Sunday drive to Ribeira Grande, the town on the north coast. Distances are relatively brief between villages and sites, and within twenty minutes we were looking for parking and some lunch.

In the middle of town there was a public park framing the river as it ran out to the sea.

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IMG 2298
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IMG 2302

Max did his usual,

IMG 2299

then we walked down towards the shoreline.

A luscious pool complex greeted us,

IMG 2303
IMG 2311

but no lunch spot. We did see a book sharing site, which I took photos of for my library pals,

IMG 2305
IMG 2306

after which we noticed some medieval decorations going up around town. One, we couldn’t resist.

IMG 2310

But, we one on the hunt for lunch.

IMG 2315

For all the investment in the municipal pools, we couldn’t help but feel Ribeira Grande was a bit tired. It still had its charm, though,

IMG 2308
IMG 2313

especially the area surrounding the church, a focal point for most of these villages.

IMG 2316IMG 2317
IMG 2321

Just below the priest we found pizza, which we devoured (but kept enough for dinner) while we watched the owner’s young daughter sip pretend-wine as they ate at the table next to us.

We then took a different route home, stopping to view Lagoa do Fondo in the clouds.

IMG 2324

And, that was our Sunday Azorean drive.

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