Yahoo! Gail is here!

She arrived with tales of her adventure with Johnny from Sao Miguel (gave her a tour of the island during a 10 hour layover) and we are so very happy to have her here. Our Horta crew is complete and we’re celebrating with some excellent vino from friends Kym and Paul (we may need to send this bottle out to sea with a note like we did with Andrea’s).

IMG 0948

Now, off to spend some time with another female outlook. (And, yes, she did use her napkin last night like I did.)

10 thoughts on “Yahoo! Gail is here!

  1. Bill Morris

    Hi guys, love the pics and commentary. Living it vicariously. Some rich adventure!! My retirement went by the wayside for now. Easier to work than retire apparently. Should have stowed away! Our youngest,Kathleen, is pregnant, and due in December! Big News! Aunt Phyll and Heather were here visiting earlier this week with our whole family. Can’t beat that crew! Phyll is thinking of giving up her car at 95! Hopefully we’ll have such decisions to make. I suspect you two will. We wish you gentle breezes and a following sea! Love Bill and Marilyn, Sarah, Jacqueline, Kathleen(bun in the oven) and Steve(baker).

    1. margaretlynnie

      Congratulations!! That’s wonderful for all :) met a young woman who flew to England to crew on a boat to here; she said whenever she’s going to make a big transition she needs to do something completely unlike what she’s going TO be doing… which is med school at U of Nevada where she’s from.

      just back from a beach where I didn’t dare go in due to jellyfish. They look innocent enough but pack a good whallop, evidently, enough for this wimp (me, L) to just lie on the beach.

      Take care, our love to all, and please keep us posted on the wonderful news, L&M

  2. Libby-loo

    Hi Lynnie and Max,
    Thanks for sharing your adventure. I love the food photos and your great descriptions of the wonderful people you’re meeting. Have a wonderful time! We watched each US soccer game and can now get back to biking, hiking, watching our newly-planted grass grow, and keeping up with your missives. We just had visits from grandchildren and I enjoyed horseback riding and rafting with them.


    Libby and David

  3. Carol Williams

    Now that I’ve figured out how to be informed when you post each blog, I’m looking forward to commenting more frequently! Yup, I remember the reel-to-reel tape recorder. We used to have so much fun listening to music.