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DENMARK: Samsø to Lyø


Wednesday – Saturday, July 19 – 22

As we continued our cruise south from Ebeltoft we aimed for Samso Island.  We hoped to rendezvous with our cruiser friends from Oslo, Ingunn and Snorre, who had met up with Snorre’s parents then sailed s/y EQUINOX to Germany. They emailed saying they’d be at Samso during the week with some friends joining them. Since weather plays havoc with most sailing plans, nothing was certain regarding a meet-up.

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Monday & Tuesday, July 17 & 18

With Denmark’s second-largest city within reach via public transport, we decided to use Ebeltoft as our base. For two days we hopped the bus to and fro using the hour+ ride to check out the local landscape while deciding which sites to explore in Aarhus.

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Saturday, July 8

As the second largest city in Sweden, Goteborg offers a more relaxed atmosphere than Stockholm. The founding fathers established the city in 1621 to rid themselves of the Danes’ taxing Swedish ships. Then to protect themselves they hired Dutch engineers and workers to build a defensive canal system.

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OSLO: Grand Finale!

Tuesday-Tuesday, June 6-13


NORSKE FOLKEMUSEUM (Norwegian Folk Museum)

Our last day in Oslo we spent roaming the Norwegian Folk Museum located on the Bygdoynes Peninsula. Established in 1894 to preserve historic structures, the museum’s collection increased substantially under King Oscar II. Now numbering 161 (to be exact) structures from the 1500s to current times, this museum provides an easy stroll through history.

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OSLO: Even their outdoors is artistic…

Tuesday-Tuesday, June 6-13


HOLMENKOLLEN (Norway’s Ski Jump)

A 30-minute train ride took us to a station where we could visit Norway’s Olympic ski jump. It appeared part of the experience was hiking the steep road to reach this massive vertical slide, which we did under a cloudy and drizzly sky.

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