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Tuesday-Tuesday, June 5-13

Prior to reaching Oslo we emailed several marinas asking about available space. The one guy who responded kindly said we had picked the ‘worst’ week’, i.e., the busiest of the entire year for boats. We were attempting to find a berth during the Faerder, Oslo’s annual regatta, one of the world’s biggest overnight races in terms of participants. The race attracts 700-1,000 boats; yet, he hinted he could possibly squeeze us in if need be.

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Norwegian Coastal Cruising: PART III (Lusekilen to Lyngnor)


Definitely feeling blind (which is one of the translations for this channel’s name) as we carefully motored our way in dense fog through what is described as southern Norways most scenic cruising grounds. At one point I turned to Max and said thank god you’re familiar with this having grown up in Maine. Me, I’d drop anchor at the first possible cove and wait for the sun to come out.

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Norwegian Coastal Cruising: PART II (Uvår to Kristiansand)

Thursday-Saturday, May 25-27


After three nights tied to a pontoon both we and JUANONA yearned for another anchorage. Mandal had provided the perfect location for provisioning, walking, catching up via the Internet, and conversing with others; but, dropping the hook in a secluded cove surrounded by mom nature offers a welcome balance to the hustle and busyness of towns and cities.

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Norwegian Coastal Cruising: PART I (Selor to Mandal)

I’ll just preference these summer posts with an overall impression:  southern Norway provides an extremely different cruising experience than our adventures on the west coast during the summers of 2015 and 2016. There, we found dramatic scenery and sparse harbors, whereas here brings to mind a Maine summer with shared anchorages and bustling towns. Case in point:  we’ve seen and met more yachties in our first week in southern Norway than we did in our previous two summers combined.

Each type of cruising provides memories we hold onto, and in both, those memories remind us once again how lucky we a

Friday – Saturday, May 19 – 20


We cast off our lines from Farsund where we landed two days prior from the Netherlands.

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