Taking a break from our Winter Sleigh Ride Tales

And, the reason is I just had to share yesterday’s morning’s activity in preparation for Friday’s menu.

Max is cooking our now-traditional, roast beast recipe (first used for our first Christmas back in Virginia Beach with mom in 2004). We had found a Tyler Florence recipe, which comes with a bunch of good veggies to add to the mix.

Well, Max is doing it again for our dinner with Anne and Peter on the next pontoon over, and I mentioned we may want to check the meat thermometer.

So, while I’m making our cups of coffee, I look over and this is what I see:

IMG 4577

Now that’s what I call a fool-proof way to ensure not only that the battery is still good but also the thermometer registers the correct temperature (yes, he was perfectly ‘done’ hovering around 97 degrees).

Of course I had to get in on it and, as my husband says, I look like a drowned rat. It took him awhile to say it as he was laughing too hard when he snapped the photo.

IMG 4578

So, here’s to everyone’s wonderful holidays and may your chef be as clever mine.

Peace and love to all,

Lynnie & Max

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  1. Colleen Tucker

    I love you so much I just can’t stand it! I am so incredibly happy for you and your happy marriage. Have a loveliest Christmas ever. Mom is here and the house will be full it will be quite busy and wonderful. Enjoy your roast beast. Love Colleen

    Colleen Tucker (207) 775-3709


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