OMG, we’re NAKED!

Which was one of our first thoughts as we looked at each other in astonishment this Tuesday morning. This thought was followed by ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans.’ And, that’s how the two of us ended up being in birthday suits standing in a coed locker room with a German attendant (male) beckoning us towards him.

We were taking the baths in Baden-Baden the German way, which means the only thing between us and the air was an electronic wrist watch allowing us entry into these 130 year-old thermal baths sitting atop Roman ruined ones from a much earlier time.

But, more of this experience later as my laptop was stolen Sunday out of our car trunk when strolling in the above city .  This loss is forcing me to take a hiatus for just awhile until either the police find it ( not likely) or I figure out a way to blob blog and upload photos ( more likely).

Auf Weidersehen,

nude in Germany

12 thoughts on “OMG, we’re NAKED!

  1. Max Fletcher

    What was shocking to me was to see how comfortable Lynnie was in there. Should I be worried? But she held her own with every woman in there (not that I was looking)

  2. K Robinson

    So sorry to hear about your stolen laptop, Lynnie. But especially sorry not to see the photos from the baths (wink, giggle). I hope you get back to illustrated blog posts soon! K

  3. Colleen Tucker

    So sorry about the theft…and so impressed with your reaction, you babeliciousness!!! (that goes out to both of you!!) Wirklich, es freute mich dass du so gemutlich bist!!