July 31 (A warm, yellow pool): PART TWO

If you’ve seen Part One of July 31st, you’ll know our ultimate day’s destination was Furnas, the spa village of thermal pools. Martin, a huge fan, had been here two times before, to what he called the lovely yellow pool. It was our second time, having visited two days prior.

We found the changing rooms (this time I located the women’s), put on our swimming trunks and hit the water, some more slowly than others.

IMG 2562

Luckily Martin had told us before we went the first time that Hillary, his wife, bought a spare suit to use for these waters. Wondering why, he told us it was due to the water turning your suit the same color as it. In other words, you and whatever you’re wearing end up the same color as the water… mustardy yellow with a slight ordure of iron and sulpher.

Sure enough, when we returned home the first time, Max rinsed, and rinsed, AND rinsed our suits until the water turned from mustard to lemon to clear. (We did the same with ourselves to ensure Juanona’s cushions and bedding weren’t dyed a Furnas yellow.)

Now, we were seasoned goers and knew what to expect, and soon we were all frolicking in the warm yellow pool.

IMG 2564

Max headed towards his spout

IMG 2566IMG 2569
IMG 2571IMG 2573
IMG 2574

Martin tried it but, like previous attempts, he had always found it too hot.

IMG 2575

After an hour or so, sufficiently pruney, the three of us languidly slurped ourselves out of the pool.

Unlike the states, even though the garden (and pool) closed at 7:00p, you could remain on the property as long as you like, which Martin knew from his earlier visits. The ticket-taker told us just to exit via the hotel, which abuts Terra Nostra.

Martin also mentioned he, his wife and son had enjoyed some amazing mojitos on the hotel’s outdoor patio. Well, that perked my ears up, so off the three of us trooped to mojito-ville. After all, a bit of minty liquid would go well with the sulphorous-iron glow we all sported.

I took a self-timer, yet, it wasn’t the best…

IMG 2577

however, for purposes of documentation, I’ve included it. I wanted you to view the mojitos, which the bartender presented with a flourish. And, yes, they were delicious.

To end our adventure, we then decided on dinner at Tony’s. Again, Martin had previously partaken of the traditional, regional meal cooked by the thermal, surphorous waters in Furnas. He convinced Max to share a dinner

IMG 2578
IMG 2578

whereas I decided on something tamer.

Now, completely sated, we headed for home, saying good-bye to one of the most relaxing days to-date in the Azores. And, I must admit, I feel quite differently if asked about swimming in a ‘warm, yellow pool…

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  1. Idaho Cowgirl

    The mojito photo is priceless! The island and pools look beautiful and awesome (those jellyfish, a little I-scary) Love seeing you all there, exploring and enjoying.

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