Germany-Austria-Belgium Rendezvous


Sunday-Tuesday, September 30-October 2, 2018

We had arranged to meet up with some friends we met last winter in Spitsbergen, Hani and Ali. They currently live in Munich and had mentioned our coming to Oktoberfest. We arrived Sunday night and they immediately invited us to dinner where we met two of their friends, Firouzeh and her husband Ali.

You can see from the photo the meal and conversation provided a wonderful intro to our stay in Munich…


with the piece de resistance of Ali lending Max his lederhosen :)


The next day day we met Hani with her friend and colleague from work, Matt. He didn’t wear his lederhosen, which was a relief as I wasn’t in a dirndl, but the two who wore them did so splendidly :)


Prior to making plans for Oktoberfest we had looked online at typical attendance per day and, as predicted, Monday daytime was one of the sparser days.


Matt said the day before it had been a sea of people. Having been once or twice in a throng where your body became a vertical wedgie I admit I was thankful for room to maneuver.

A few hours amidst the beer-drinking crowd with a bit of music and German food sated our appetites.



We left the huge beer tents and amusement park rides for a more sedate treat of coffee and cake in a nearby cafe.

Although it was a short visit with Hani and Ali, being with them and meeting Firouzeh, Ali, and Matt was another amazing way to feel part of a world of friends.


Tuesday-Wednesday, October 2-3, 2018

The next morning we took the highway for the 1.5 hour drive to Salzburg to another rendez-vous. And, it was here in Mozart’s birthplace we saw our friend from home, Colleen.


She was finishing her ten-day cycling trip with VBT that had been in Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. And, the last stop was Salzburg, a city she knew from her year abroad.

We joined her for a fun afternoon visiting some of her old haunts and retracing the route to school from her apartment.


And, with her fluent German, she could ask locals the way to other favorite locales :)


Of course, with this being Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace we spent some time in his home, now a museum.


Apart from being a musical prodigy, Mozart (1756-1791) certainly experienced a different childhood from Beethoven: he grew up in a supportive and loving environment as witnessed by the letters exchanged between all four in the family. Additionally, His sister, Maria Anna or ‘Nanneri’ (1751-1829) was noted as a being an amazing musician.


Two years before his death in 1789 an artist sketched a portrait of Mozart identified as the most authentic rendering.


Due to an extravagent lifestyle he died with large debts in spite of earning a good income. I found interesting one of the reasons for the debt was her wife’s spa excursions…

But, his work lives on with his friend and colleague Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809) stating  “In over 100 years  posterity will never see such a talent.”

We crossed the bridge on a final walk


back to our respective hotels and a farewell dinner.




Thursday-Friday, October 4-5, 2016

After a night on the road with a quick stroll in Regensburg  Germany, a former Roman city and and medieval trading route, we arrived for an overnight at our Belgian Family’s home.  We caught up on 1-1/2 year of activity, which is a lot with three teens or ‘pubers’ as they’re called over here



and met the newest member, Cuba, a Spanish water dog (which our friend Sue would love as well).





After another lovely dinner we left the next morning for Hoorn with fond memories of sites we’d seen and the friends we met.  Life is grand :) !






4 thoughts on “Germany-Austria-Belgium Rendezvous

  1. woodenstick

    thinking of you, merry christmas….here the ” sint and piet” discussion continues and most of NL is skipping the hassle and going straight to trees, lights and the rest of the x-mas frills ! all looks safe and sound by JUANONA….no frozen waters yet !!

    1. margaretlynnie Post author

      Interesting about Sint and Piet. Traditions are difficult to break, like habits. Not too cold here either although had some great snow a week or so ago. Love it after it’s shoveled! Love to you both!


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